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Childbirth Kingston's library is full of lovingly used, generously given, and intentionally purchased, books. We have Doula, Educator, and Lactation Consultant approved books on...

- Fertility

- Loss

- Pregnancy

- Birth

- Postpartum

- Infant feeding

- Baby Care

- and More! 

Most of these books where purchased and read while we were completing our own certifications and trainings! They informed and taught us, and now they can inform you! 

   - This is a FREE lending library and does not require a Credit Card to borrow. We rely on your good faith to get those books back to us! 

    - Books can be borrowed for up to 1 month. We understand life gets crazy and it can be hard to sit down with a book. However, we have lots of people interested in only a few copies! If you feel you need an extended lend, then please CONTACT US

    - If you have signed up for our Education series, or are working with our Doula Teams - you have already been added to the system! Check your confirmation or introduction email for additional details. If you are not currently enrolled with a CBK program then please reach out! 

    - The amount of information out there is HUGE! Looking at a bookshelf full of information can be overwhelming - but just ask! Chances are, any one of us has heard of, or read, the book you are looking for. Finding the right voice and tone can make such a difference when receiving information, so we are happy to help you find the best book for the info you need! 


Step 1: Visit and enter your email address. If we have registered your email address then it will prompt you to create a password. 

Step 2: Once you create your account, you will see the full collection of our books and resources! Go ahead and reserve the titles you'd like to borrow! 

Step 3: Pick the book up at your next class or let your Doula know and they will arrange drop-off or pick-up! 

Have questions?

want book suggestions?
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