Childbirth Kingston has been providing childbirth education classes since 1970.  Although we have come a long way from the "kitchen table"  Childbirth Kingston is operated by a volunteer board of directors under the umbrella of the Doula Support Foundation.  Classes are taught by childbirth educators who are well trained and share a passion for birth.  They specialize in facilitating classes and providing an open and welcoming environment.  They share their knowledge and and experience surrounding labour and birth and all that goes along with it as it unfolds in different settings, under different circumstances, and with different intentions.  They empower parents to uncover tools and gain confidence in the choices for their birth.

What makes us Different

In our society, where birth often happens behind closed doors, and the wisdom of labour is not often shared between generations, childbirth education classes have become an integral part of preparing for birth.


Many pregnant people seek out classes that focus on methods of coping with contractions naturally, others look for classes that provide them the space to explore their own expectations and desires for birth like where to deliver, while others are interested in just learning what to expect from the process as it unfolds and how to navigate through potential complications.  

Childbirth Kingston classes are geared towards providing the expectant parents with the tools needed  to feel empowered and confident throughout, regardless of how they choose to cope with labour and birth. It is also important to help the birthing partners become confident advocates in the decision making that arises along the way.

Classes encourage the practice of positioning, counter pressure, body work, relaxation and mindfulness techniques, and much more. All of these are incredibly important tools to have in the arsenal regardless of whether one is moving through a natural labour with intent or waiting for the anesthesiologist.  


Small class sizes allow time for questions, discussion, and demonstration, to ensure all class needs are met by those who attend in a comfortable environment.

Research shows that how birthing people feel about their confidence in decisions made during their births impacts how they reflect on their birth experiences, allows for easier integration into their postpartum reality and transition into parenthood.  

Many expectant parents form lasting relationships with their class and childbirth educator.  Many stay in touch throughout pregnancy, sharing news of little ones arrival and seeking resources or additional classes after baby arrives.   

It takes a village to raise a child, come meet your new village.  

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