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birth doulas

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what's included:

Doula teams

We work in TEAMS! You will work with 2 Doulas. Each Doula will be familiar with your birth preferences and preferred care.  This provides greater availability and support, and ensures you receive continuity of care. 

group chat 

At the M+G you will set-up a Group Chat between yourself, your Partner (if applicable) and your Doula Team.  You have access to your Doula team from the time you sign the contract until 2-3 weeks after baby is born (or until PP care is completed).


Your Doula team goes on-call for you at 38 weeks until baby is born. This means our phones are on and will be answered 24/7 and we commit to arriving within an hour after you call for support. 

First 24 hours 

The Doula that does NOT attend the birth will remain on-call for you for the first 24 hrs after baby is born. Reach out at any time to ask any pressing questions about this transition!

postpartum visit #2 

The Doula that attends the birth will come to your home around day 4/5. We use this visit is to:

- Chat through the Birth experience and answer any questions you have.

- Help process the emotions and feelings of this hormonal day.

- Assist with Infant feeding. 

meet + greet

An in-person visit with your Doula team, yourself and your Partner (If applicable). This is the first step in getting to know your Team and sharing expectations. 

2 prenatal visits 

Prenatal visit #1 - Between 30-34 w

Postpartum prep, infant feeding, and building a plan for success ~ 2hrs

Prenatal visit #2 - Between 34-36 w

Ongoing questions, Birth prep and building a plan ~ 2hrs

birth support 

Call your Doula to join you at any point in labour. You do NOT need to wait until Active labour. Your Doula will stay with you from when you call for support until 1~2 hrs after baby is born. Early Infant feeding and infant care support given. 

24 HR postpartum visit 

The Doula that does not attend the birth will visit with you around the 24hr mark. This visit can be used to transition you into your own home, or to make you comfortable in your hospital room (in cases of an extended stay)

postpartum visit #3

You choose when you have this visit! We recommend the visit happen within the first 3 weeks to ensure we can provide full Continuity of Care.



base PACKAGE: $1570(+HST)
$100 (+HST)

Ready to get started?

Doulas teach and empower you to Advocate for yourself. We help you prepare for your birth, but also teach you to ask the right questions during your birth. Nothing is more important than making important and informed choices for yourself and your family.

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