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Thank you for your interest in our Education programs! Childbirth Kingston began over

50 YEARS AGO to support growing families in our community!  Although CBK has taken many forms, we are excited for you to see us now!


Our small class sizes encourage questions for our experienced, knowledgeable and passionate instructors. We aim to create a comfortable experience where birthing people and their partners (if applicable) are free to learn about all things birth and baby to help them make informed decisions based on up-to-date information and knowledge of alternatives. 

In addition to providing the latest up to date evidence-based info about COVID-19, our classes also take into account the ever changing landscape of birthing in our current context, including an emphasis on comfort measure techniques you can use yourself. 


What makes cbk different?

In our society, where birth often happens behind closed doors, and the wisdom of labour is not often shared between generations, childbirth education classes have become an integral part of preparing for birth.

At CBK we are dedicated and passionate about giving you the most up-to-date evidence based information we can get! This is important because current research and changes to best practice move fast in this field, and oftentimes institutions and hospitals can be slow to adapt in their policies. 

CBK is an independently run program separate from Public programs. We educate on hospital policy and hospital best practice, but we also share the new research and evolving evidence even before it becomes common practice in our communities.

We believe that one of the BEST ways to feel confident, well supported and in charge of your birth and postpartum experience is to have all the options, pros/cons and alternatives at your fingertips. 

We hope you will let us join you for a bit as you prepare for this new journey! 

Ready to start learning?


"I feel like 200% less scared!!!"

"One of the most professional parenting/prenatal classes we took"

"Much better than the internet, great place to meet others in the same position. Good to talk and learn about a large variety of subjects. Highly recommend!"

"This class was so helpful and empowering. I cannot say enough good things!"

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