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Doula Registry

Childbirth Kingston is proud to support the unique and varied Doulas in our area! While some of these Doulas have lots of experience, and some are just ramping up in this work, all Doulas bring something unique to their support style. Finding a Doula whose support style is right for you is more important than experience!

All Doulas on this registry run their own businesses with unique pricing and support structures. Reach out and see if you are both a good fit! 


CBK provides a space for Doulas to gather, debrief and keep up to date on the ever changing evidence/ research of the Birth world. 

Kingston Doulas: Doulas that are actively accepting clients in our area! 

CBK Community Doulas: Doulas who are actively involved in our CBK Doula community. We have confidence that these Doula are a part of the ongoing conversation around Advocacy, research, and evidence in the Birth world.

CBK Crew Doulas: Community Doulas that have audited our Childbirth and Postpartum Education programs. We have confidence they are familiar with Physiological Birth and how to support it.


Our programs are a continuing education opportunity for Doulas, Nurses and other Birth supports! Click here to learn more!

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Want to know more about Doulas and how we provide support?

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