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specialty services

Doulas are birth NERDS!

Our obsession with all things birth and baby has led most of us Doulas to take courses and

accreditations in lots of different skills!

Check out the list and feel free to reach out if you have more in-depth questions! 


Placenta services

Did you know that in addition to growing a human being... you are also growing an entirely NEW ORGAN!? Placentas are truly amazing and below are a few things you can do with them! 

- Placenta Encapsulation: a method of processing, dehydrating and putting your placenta in pill form. 

$250 (+HST)

- Tincture: Placenta powder combined with Alcohol for future use.

$30 (+HST)

- Salve:  Placenta powder combined with oils, beeswax and herbs

$25 (+HST)

- Prints: $15 (in colour) and $10 (natural blood) (+HST)

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Health Canada has requested that we no longer share any information on our website about the benefits of using your placenta, whether these benefits be real or perceived.  As such, we encourage you to do your own research about what may be contained in the placenta and how it may or may not help support you in your postpartum experience.  

Belly Binding 

When you’re pregnant, your body grows and stretches to accommodate your baby. Organs move out of their normal position, and even your abdominal muscles separate to make space. But after giving birth, your body needs to move those muscles and organs back to their original position. When done properly, belly binding applied to the abdomen and around the hips can provide support to your pelvic floor. It also offers gentle compression that holds muscle and ligaments safely in place as your body heals.


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