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Childbirth Kingston

Community partners

Childbirth Kingston is all about Advocacy. Advocacy for our clients, Advocacy for our Profession, and Advocacy for a stronger Birth community in the Kingston area. CBK Community Partners are like-minded professionals in pregnancy, birth and postpartum spaces. 

These people are pretty awesome - check 'em out! 

KaceyBranding-32 - Kacey McCuen.jpg

- Paediatric Sleep Specialist
- B.A. Sociology/Psychology, Western University.

My name is Kacey & I am the founder of Willow Care - a labour of love for me, born out of my experience of becoming a mother to my daughter, Willow. As many new parents, I felt lost when it came to her sleep – there was so much information out there, so much of which did not resonate with my commitment to being a responsive, gentle and nurturing mother. I spent too much of my time researching to validate what my heart told me about her sleep – that it was perfectly normal – and it created in me a passion to help other parents through sleep challenges. My approach to sleep is responsive, gentle, & prioritizes the sacred parent-child relationship above all else. I believe families can get the sleep they need without using separation and instead I advocate for connection-based practices that are created to meet the needs of each individual family and unique child. Together with my families I work to create a holistic, personalized, and, attachment focused approach to baby & toddler sleep challenges that keeps your relationship at the forefront, and empowers you to trust your instincts!


Sleep, Without Sleep Training
A Crash Course on Infant & Toddler Sleep


Drew Soleyn

- Founder & Coach, Connected Dads
- Director, Dad Central
- Ontario International Coach Federation Certified Coach (ACC),
- Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach & Trainer

Drew is the Director of Dad Central Ontario, Founder of Connected Dads, and a Leadership Coach/Trainer. As a certified coach, he helps dads and partners show up at their best for the people who matter most.


Being an involved dad/partner makes a significant difference in the lives of children, as well as supporting healthy families. It has an immediate and powerful influence on children’s mental, emotional, and social development. In short – their ability to succeed in life. This involvement has an impact before children are born, and are very critical right from the start of their lives.

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