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What does EMOTIONAL support from a Doula look like?

A Doula's role in the Birth space is to offer reassurances, encourage calm, build confidence, and help make the Birth room feel cozy and safe.


We specialize in mental and emotional comfort and coping techniques. We use these tools to encourage confidence in the process, and create environments where Oxytocin can thrive!

What does INFORMATION support from a Doula look like?

Birth is a Physiological (automatic) function of our bodies.

 Knowledge of the normal processes of Birth and WHY they occur, is an essential part of Informed Decision Making

To make truly Informed Choices around care, birthing people need to know:

  • What is happening in their own bodies,

  • What to expect through the experience,

  • What their choices and options are, and

  • The Benefits/Risks and Alternatives of each choice (BRAIN).






How are Doulas different than Midwives or OB's?

Doulas have a very different role to Nurses, OBs, and Midwives. Support from a Doula does not involve medical care. 

Doulas specialize in providing Emotional,  Informational, Physical and Partner care. 
Doulas also encourage Self-Advocacy in order to support our clients to take an active role in their Birth experience and choices.

What does PHYSICAL support from a Doula look like?

Doulas acknowledge that some people find touch helpful, and some do not. That is A-ok! Birth can be such an instinctual process that sometimes actual touch is not necessary! Doulas help by using gravity, position changes, specialty tools and/or counter pressure to make Birth more effective and comfortable!


We use relaxation techniques to optimize rest, encourage sleep and help conserve energy.

Physiological Birth requires a balance of both!

Doulas keep actively up-to-date on research, current evidence, and best Birth practices. A Doula is not invested in the choices you make, instead we aim to make sure all the information about that choice is presented.

What does PARTNER support from a Doula look like?

Doulas hold space for Partners and support people to experience their own unique journey through the Birth process.

A Doula will work to make sure Partners:

  • are encouraged in their important role during Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum, and Parenting,

  • are given space and time to experience their own emotions, and

  • have the tools to Advocate for their partners and families.

What is the EVIDENCE for Doula support?

The Doula Model of Care is effective, in part, because a Doula provides Continuity of Care. This means a Doula works with you from Pregnancy, through Birth, and into the Postpartum and infant feeding.

It doesn't matter WHERE you give Birth, HOW you plan to Birth, or WHO your provider is: a Doula is there to support YOU and your choices.


Doulas don't work for Healthcare providers, we work for you. We aim to support you through Birth in a way that makes you feel safe and in control of your OWN experience

Did you know the support from a Doula can...?

-  Decrease your risk of an unplanned Cesarean birth by 39%

- Increase your chance of a spontaneous vaginal birth by 15%

- Decrease the need for medicinal pain relief by 10%

- Shorten the length of your overall labour

-  Decrease the baby’s risk of a low five minute Apgar score by 38%

- Increase your chances of feeling satisfied and empowered by your birth. 

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Check out our
Doula Registry page
to find a Doula near you! 

Birth Doulaing: The act of educating, loving, respecting, listening, embracing, advocating for, and assisting a person prenatally during labour, childbirth and after.

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