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covid policies

CBK Doula Support Policy

CBK Doulas follow a set of safety standards when supporting Birth and Postpartum visits. This includes changing into clean sealed outfits after entering your home and surface wiping. We follow Public Health guidelines at the time of the visit, as well as Midwife preferences. We have gotten QUITE good at Virtual these past few years, so that is always an option for you! If you have more in-depth questions in regard to these policies, please feel free to Reach Out!  Update: April 2022: We will continue to follow this policy based on client preference. We will follow what all parties are most comfortable with! 

CBK In-person Education Policy 

Our Class sizes have always been small and interactive, but they are now a smidge smaller! We adhere to the distancing policies of Public Health and have separate sets of activity kits for each team so you can stay in your bubble! For now, masking is done when doing any kind of comfort measure or interactive activity. You are free to interact at your comfort level! If you prefer to observe only instead of participating then that is A-OK. Just make sure to let your educator know so they stop bugging you about it! :) Spaces are also sanitized before and after each session. If you have any questions or concerns about these Policies please Reach Out

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