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postpartum doulas

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wHAT's included...

doula teams

We work in TEAMS! You will work with 2 Doulas. This provides greater availability and regularity of support. 

group chat 

A space for sharing updates and questions between the parent(s) and Doula team. You have access to your Doula team from the time you sign the contract until 12 weeks postpartum or until your hours are completed!

in person support

In-person postpartum support at your home. Postpartum Doulas are treasure troves of information about Infant care, recovery, mood, infant feeding and more! 

Meet + greet 

An in-person visit with your Doula team, yourself and your Partner (If applicable). This is the first step in getting to know your Team and sharing expectations. This can happen before or after baby comes!

first 24 hrs

The first 24 hrs after baby is born your Doula team will be on-call for you. They can chat at anytime (day or night) to answer any pressing questions through this transition!

evening care

Some of our Doulas also offer PP support in the overnight or evening hours. A consistent chunk of deep sleep can be so helpful! 


"Try it out!" - 5hrs
$485 (+HST)
"I just need a boost" - 10hrs
$730 (+HST)
"I need a break" - 25hrs
$1410 (+HST)
"I need another set of hands" - 50hrs
$2460 (+HST)
"I need to sleep"- after hours: 9pm - 7am
Time and a half (1 daytime hr = 1.5 after hrs)

Ready to get started?

Birthing people need to be nurtured and cared for by a support network that assists with physical recovery from birth, transition into infant care and the immense psychological leap into a new role. 

Lauren Porter

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